Hi, I'm Micah.

Versioning my career.

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I am an information scientist and librarian with an interdisciplinary academic background, primarily interested in the open future of academic research. I also have an undying love for the academic study of contemporary popular (sub)culture.

Some brief details:

  • My CV is here
  • I conducted research as a Fulbright-Schuman Fellow in the winter of 2018-2019. My project focused on understanding open science polices and infrastructure in the EU, and was hosted by Maastricht University Libraries in The Netherlands and the Royal Danish Library/University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • My career began at Florida State University, also my alma mater thrice over, where I founded the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship.

Other things I’ve gotten myself involved in:

Short bio:

Micah Vandegrift’s research focuses on the evolution of research policies and technologies that maximize the dissemination and impact of publicly engaged scholarship. Specifically, he is developing a concept of “translation” as a form of scholarly communication, and exploring evaluation of new forms of scholarly output. As NC State University Libraries first Open Knowledge Librarian, Micah is dedicated to building programs and processes for the research and learning community to embrace a more open scholarly praxis. He is the lead Principal Investigator for Visualizing Digital Scholarship in Libraries and Learning Spaces (Immersive Scholar) funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and studied open science policy and infrastructure in The Netherlands and Denmark as a Fulbright-Schuman Research Fellow in 2018-2019.

Long bio:

Micah Vandegrift is NC State University Libraries first Open Knowledge Librarian tasked with developing strategic approaches to open research practices, policies, and programs at the Library and on campus. He is also the lead Principal Investigator for Visualizing Digital Scholarship in Libraries and Learning Spaces (Immersive Scholar) a $414,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop extensible models and programs for the creation and sharing of digital scholarship in large-scale and immersive visualization environments. The Immersive Scholar project aims to increase the impact of academic visualization environments and the scholarship created within them.

Micah joined NCSU Libraries in May 2018 after working in scholarly communications and digital scholarship at Florida State University (FSU) for 7 years. During his time at Florida State University Libraries, Micah coordinated the development and passage of a campus-wide open access policy and the launch of an open publications repository, participated in the establishment of a digital humanities research center and project development incubator, and collaborated with several psychology researchers on a National Institutes of Health grant proposal to build a data repository for learning disability research, which was awarded funding after Micah left FSU.

As a Fulbright-Schuman Research Fellow, Micah researched the overlap between open science policy and technical infrastructure at three levels; the European Union, nationally in The Netherlands and Denmark, and in the daily work of librarians in those countries. His project, titled “Open Scholarship Policies and Technologies: The European Research Library as a Model for Advancing Global Scholarly Communication,” was carried out at Maastricht University and the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen. Micah explored how information policy responds to cultural shifts, how libraries are responding to this sea change, and how the global library community can develop models to push toward a more open research ecosystem. This project allowed Micah to align his interests in open infrastructure, the dissemination and impact of publicly engaged scholarship, and the library as a central hub for future-oriented research activity.

Micah lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina with a wife and two young children. They enjoy hiking and camping, exploring nature and culture, watching soccer, and traveling. Micah is an amatuer backyard BBQ pitmaster, a former punk/hardcore musician, and a soccer player. He is the reigning Mr. Tattooed Tallahassee, and competed in the 2005 World Beard and Mustache Championships.