Hi, I'm Micah.

Versioning my career.

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I am an information scientist and former librarian with an interdisciplinary academic background, primarily interested in the open future of academic knowledge. I also have an undying love for the academic study of contemporary popular (sub)culture.

Some brief details:

  • I recently left the highed education industry to work in user experience, and am enjoying it very much.
  • My resume is here (PDF)
  • I conducted research as a Fulbright-Schuman Fellow in the winter of 2018-2019. My project focused on understanding open science polices and infrastructure in the EU, and was hosted by Maastricht University Libraries in The Netherlands and the Royal Danish Library/University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • My career began at Florida State University, also my alma mater thrice over, where I founded the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship.


Biographical sketch:

Micah joined the All of Us Research Program in March 2022 to focus on fostering and developing researcher communities. Micah started his career as an academic librarian at Florida State University, then joined North Carolina State University’s Open Knowledge Center to develop and advance open science and public scholarship. At NC State he led a teams of developers, designers, and researchers to launch products and initiatives, including: a cohort-based research development incubator; a series of digital stained glass windows from the #metoo movement; an online publication about the culture, history, and science behind the foods you have at home; and HTML publishing workflows for academic journals.

Micah holds a Masters in Library and Information Studies (M.L.I.S), an M.A. in American and Florida Studies, and a B.A. in Humanities, all from Florida State University. He also serves as a Fulbright Scholar Alumni Ambassador.

Based in Raleigh, Micah and his family enjoy soccer, camping, hiking, movies, and music. Micah competed in the 2005 World Beard and Mustache Championships and is the reigning Mr. Tattooed Tallahassee.